Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Traditional Tuesday Scrapbooking Project Idea

Traditional Tuesday Project Idea Cheerful-Valentines---loveFebruary8-LoriMancini

How to create:
Adhere an 11” x 11” piece of White Cardstock to the center of a Cheerful Valentines Addition pink heart paper.
Cut out a rectangular section of Cheerful Valentines love paper so that you have a border of the words Love all around the outside of the rectangle.  Your finished piece should be 9" x 4-1/2".
Adhere piece to the White Cardstock, as shown.
Adhere a 6-1/2” x 1” strip of blue photo mat paper, tucking 1/4” under the bottom of the love paper.
Using the Love Struck Maker, punch a border of hearts along the edge of a red photo mat.  Then cut out a strip to create a heart border, leaving a bit more at the top for adhesive.
Adhere the strip under blue border as shown on layout.
Using an All-Purpose Scissors, cut out a heart leaving a tiny border of red from the Cheerful Valentines Addition Paper and adhere to bottom right corner of paper the strips.
Adhere photo's to Cheerful Valentines Addition pink and red paper and cut around photo creating a thin border.
Adhere to center of heart, using Foam Squares under one photo to pop it up from the page.
Adhere Title Stickers under red border, above heart and on photo as shown.
Adhere LOVE stickers with Foam Squares centered with blue border and apply off of the rectangle 1/4" out for visual balance
Adhere Love Birds sticker with Foam Squares, placing branch under photo and over the photo, as shown.
Adhere Cutie Pie sticker as shown
Layer 3 heart stickers using Foam Squares between the two photos.  Using one of the arrow stickers - cut it in half to make it larger and then adhere to back side of bottom heart.

Create Project Using:
Cheerful Valentines Addition
White Cardstock
Foam Squares

Project Designed by:
Lori Mancini


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