Digital Scrapbooking

New Digital Layout Beach, Sand Castles, and Foot Prints in the Sand- September 30, 2010 on my CM Project Center:

Daisies and Butterflys Digital Layout Idea

How to Create:
  1. Start with a new 12x12 digital project.
  2. Fill the Background with dark grey, under format-surface choose the second to last surface set the scale surface to 7.5 and the amplification to -9.6
  3. Add Photo Mat 14 and Photo Mat 12 to the page, place as shown.
  4. Cut a long narrow rectangle out of paper 3 and place it over the photo mat, apply a heavy shadow
  5. Add 2 pictures on top of the photo mats
  6. Add Photo Mat 4, shrink and rotate, use cut & fill - straight - ripped edge to cut off the bottom.
  7. Add Journaling on top of Photo Mat 4.
  8. Add Reminisce Overlay 8, adjust levels to make it darker.

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