Friday, February 4, 2011

February Specials, Digi Freebie Friday and a few Valentine's Projects!

February Specials
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Freebie Friday - February 2011 Week 1


Download Freebies_By Clicking Here
Freebie Package Includes:
  • Always and Forever - Designed by Jamie Cripps
  • Title Frame/Mask - Designed by Lacie Schwanke
  • I Puffy Heart You - Designed by Jen Lessinger
  • Love Stamp- Designed by Jen Lessinger
    IMPORTANT: Click on (or right click) the link under the group of images to download the zipped folder containing the high resolution versions of these freebies.  Once you've downloaded the embellishment folder to a location on your hard drive, un-zip and save the freebie files. To learn how to add this embellishment to your own collection click here (for SBC 2 Plus) or click here (for SBC 3 Plus) or SBC Studio (Mac). You will then be free to use this embellishment however you like.

    Valentine Project Ideas

    Kisses Treat Box Project Idea

    Kisses Treat Box Project Idea

    Ingredients: Pink Lemonade Cardstock Taffy Cardstock 12-inch Rotary Trimmer Scoring Rotary Blade Primary Valentine Additions Photo Tape Scallop Circle Maker Foam Squares Limited Edition Classic Valentine Stickers How to Create: Cut Pink Lemonade Cardstock to 5-1/2" x 8". Score along the long side at 1", 3-1/2", 4-1/2" and 7". Score the short side at 1" and 4-1/2". On the long sides cut 4 one inch slits at the 4 score lines. Fold Box to shape and adhere with Photo Tape. With Primary Valentine Additions patterned paper, cut a mat for the top of the box 2-1/4" x 3-1/4". Edge box with one inch strips of patterend paper. Punch a solid scallop circle from Taffy Cardstock to layer on top of the box with Foam Squares. Decorate with Limited Edition Classic Valentine Stickers. Apply "Kisses" sticker from the Primary Valentines Additions stickers to the box as shown. Punch a heart with the Sweet Heart Maker out of a scrap of Primary Valentine Additions. Adhere it in the inside, bottom of box. Fill box with chocolate kisses.
    To Warm Your Heart Cup

    To Warm Your Heart Cup

    Ingredients: Disposable (Hot) Cup Plastic Spoon Tea Bags Primary Valentine Additions Circle Maker Black and White Paper Frames Black and White Ribbon Swirly ABC/123 Stickers Black Swirly ABC/123 Stickers White Precision Point Adhesive How to Create: Take a piece of decorative paper from the Primary Valentine Additions and cut it to fit around your selected disposable cup. (Note: it may make it easier to take apart an identical cup and trace a pattern so you get the arch of the cup's shape correctly to avoid puckering). Attach it to the cup. Adhere a black frame from the Black and White Paper Frames to front of cup using Precision Point Adhesive. Spell out "To Warm Your" using the Swirly ABC/123 Black and White Stickers. Use the black stickers under the white to create a shadow and pop the white letters. Attach a heart sticker from the Primary Valentine Additions to complete the title "To Warm Your (Heart)". Take tea bags and wrap a strip of Black and White Paper Ribbon around them to hold them together. Adhere with tape runner. Cut a 1-1/4" circle and a 1-1/2" circle from dotted pattern Primary Valentine Additions paper using the Circle Maker. Adhere them to the front of the tea bags with a Tape Runner and embellish with a large heart sticker. Cut two more 1-1/2" circles with the Circle Maker and select one more heart sticker. Put adhesive on both circles and sandwich the top of a plastic spoon handle in between them. Embellish with the selected heart sticker from the Primary Valentine Additions. Take one remaining tea bag, partially open and pull out the tag and string. Cut a 2-1/2" x 1-1/4" piece of the Primary Valentine Additions paper. Fold in half and adhere around tea bag tag. Embellish with a small title sticker from Primary Valentine Additions.
    Love Fortune Cookies

    Love Fortune Cookies

    Ingredients: Espresso Cardstock Primary Valentine Additions Fine-tip Pen Berry Precision Point Adhesive All-purpose Scissors CCS 12" x 12" Mat and Blades CCS Circle Patterns How to Create: Cut a 4-1/4" circle from Espresso Cardstock using the CCS Small Circle Pattern and Blue Blade. Fold the circle in half and make a small cut in the center of the fold, going about 1/2" deep. Unfold. Fold in half the other direction, make a second 1/2" deep cut to form an "X" shape in the center of the circle. Refold. Gently curl the edge of the half circle nearest to you in, (wrapping the paper around your fingers once, makes a nice gentle curl) to create a slight tube shape. Push the paper in at the center (at the cut) and pull the edges toward each other. Adhere using the Precision Point Adhesive in the center between the sides. Use a clothes pin to hold sides together while the adhesive is drying. Cut a strip (or use a scrap) of pink paper from Primary Valentine Additions approx. 1/2" x 4-1/2". Using the Fine-tip Berry Pen, write "Fortunes" (Examples: You are going to fall in love. You will go on to do great things. Adventure is in your future. Beware of a (fill in the blank) woman tonight.) Once the adhesive is dry, take each fortune strip and slide them under the back fold of the cookie so that they are tucked up inside. You will be able to insert, remove, read and replace the fortunes without damaging the cookie shape.
    Adore Luminary Project Idea

    Adore Luminary Project Idea

    Ingredients: Brick Cardstock Primary Valentine Additions Expressions of the Heart Vellum Accents Limited Edition Classic Valentine Stickers Sweet Heart Maker Foam Squares Precision Point Adhesive Rotary Trimmer Custom Cutting System Ovals How to Create: Cut cardstock to 5-1/2”x 10 3/8”. Cut top edge with the deckle rotary blade. Then score at 2-1/2”, 5”, 7-1/2”, and 10”. Cut windows in 2 panels to accommodate vellum accents and cut smallest oval with the red blade on the outside. Fold on score lines to shape. Adhere vellum in place with Precision Point Adhesive. Adhere the side edge with photo tape. With the Primary Valentine Additions trim 1-1/2” strips to go along bottom edge. Using the Sweetheart Maker, punch four hearts from the pink and white patterned paper. Use Precision Point Adhesive to glue a small thread to one heart and then glue two hearts back to back. This way, as it turns both sides are finished. Glue the thread to the inside of your luminary with the center of the punched heart over the top. Decorate with Primary Valentine Additions Stickers and Limited Edition Classic Valentine Stickers. Adhere Delight Paper Flowers on side not shown. Use Foam Squares to raise hearts in the center of the paper flowers. Insert battery operated "tea-light" into the center of the luminary.


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