Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You CAN Do It!

Time, money, space, creativity... these are some of the barriers that keep people from preserving their precious life memories in scrapbook photo albums. Creative Memories is different from the "scrapbook store" approach to scrapbooking. My role, as a Creative Memories Consultant, is to help you past the barriers:

- Time: I offer customer-tested organization systems and speed tools.
- Money: I sell high-quality, long-lasting products that will help you preserve your memories for generations. I also offer many opportunities for you to earn free product!

Creative Memories - New Products 2010 Spring/Summer
- Space: Workshops and cropping events provide a spacious, away-from-home setting for cropping alongside other scrapbookers.

- Creativity: No pressure to be creative - we support all scrapbooking styles from simple to decorative!

Creative Memories offers so many opportunities to the novice as well as the "career scrapbooker". My role is to help you do it! Please check out my website for more information and exciting new 2010 Spring/Summer Products, as well as events happening soon!


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